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To Catch a Thief

Setting: Modern day

Disclaimer: This story contains elements of bondage (m/f), kidnapping, and general pervertedness. If that offends you, why are you even here?


"Ungh..." Lauren groaned as she began waking up from her slumber. The young 19-year-old couldn't clearly piece together all of the events that led to her current situation. In the middle of the night, Lauren had left her small apartment clad in a pair of tight black jeans and an equally tight black short-sleeved shirt, a pair of white ankle socks and black sneakers. Certainly not fashionable, but attire she deemed appropriate for her first ever attempt at stealing from a home.

She knew the perfect place. At the end of her block. Earlier today, her bright blue eyes had seen a man, in his late twenties, packing up suitcases in a car and leaving earlier in the day. She had passed by him a few times, becoming a little tense when he finally waved to her one of those times. At midnight, his car was still missing. Lauren, assuming he was on vacation, balled up her long, blonde hair and hid it underneath a black beanie.

Entering the home wasn’t quite as easy as she had expected. She had watched videos on how to pick a lock for weeks and it still took her the better part of a half hour to open the back door, which led into a darkened kitchen. From what she could tell, no lights were left on inside, but the moonlight shining through the windows gave her as much light as she needed. She knew the downstairs wasn’t going to contain anything of value. Jewels, money, valuables – those were the sorts of things that were kept upstairs in bedrooms or down in basement safes.

Since opening a safe wasn’t really on Lauren’s list of skills, she made her way towards the stairs. That was the last she could remember.

Waking up, she found herself lying down on something soft. A bed, maybe? She was able to sit herself up, but not able to pull her arms in front of her. Her eyes shot open as she heard metal clacking against metal. “Handcuffs?” She looked around the room. It was a typical adult’s bedroom. Television. Bed. Dresser. Closet. Window. Nothing else about Lauren had changed, except the fact that she now found herself with her wrists cuffed behind her back and her socks and shoes had mysteriously gone missing. She assumed she was still in the same house, what with the only light in this room also being moonlight. Even so, she told herself that she could find her way out.

Just when she had resolved to do this, a figure appeared in the doorway to the bedroom. A young dark-haired man, the same man Lauren had assumed was going on vacation, had made his way to the bedroom. “What are you doing in my house?” He asked quietly.

His voice was enough to startle Lauren, who jumped a bit at the sound of his voice. After she had regained herself, she rose from her place on the bed and, with some trouble, stood up on her feet to face him. She had been caught. Lauren, a girl who never got in trouble once in her life, got caught doing something against the law the very first time she tried. “Look, I’m ummm… I’m really sorry about this,” Lauren began to explain, stumbling over her words as she spoke more at the floor at this man’s feet than at the man himself. “I came over here looking for stuff to take and, I know it was really stupid, but please. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I swear I’ll never do it again. So, please don’t call the police, okay?” She looked up at his face, her eyes looking for sympathy.

A warm smile across the man’s face as he shook his head. “I’m sorry, but you’ve come into my house with the intention of taking my stuff and think you’re not going to have to face the consequences? I mean, what if you had actually taken my stuff?”

Lauren’s heart pounded in her chest and in her ears. That fight-or-flight response told her to run, so she went running for the door, only to catch the arm of the man who she assumed had cuffed her, throwing her back down onto the bed onto her back. The sudden rush took Lauren a moment to recover from, but recover she did as she looked down towards the door from her place on the bed only to find this man winding rope around her ankles. “H-hey! What are you doing?!” Lauren protested, demanding an answer, as she started alternating kicking her legs.

“I need to make sure you don’t run off again. If you’re calm, then we’ll get this taken care of right away,” he explained as he grabbed hold of one of her calves. “Now stay still.”

Lauren sighed as her head fell back on the mattress, looking up at the ceiling. I’ll seriously never do this again, she thought to herself. Maybe I’ll get off easy. What if I go to jail for this? Oh, I’ll never survive in a place like that. Lauren looked back down at the man, wondering how she might bargain with him. She opened her mouth, but no words came out due to the surprise of seeing him binding her legs together above her knees.

Bending over and grabbing hold of Lauren by her arms, the man flipped her over onto her stomach.

“Hey! I won’t move, okay? You can just… call the police now. Wait, what are you doing now?!” She screamed as her arms were pulled together, rope encircling her elbows. “I don’t think you need all that rope. It’s not like I’m going to run anywhere now!”

“I know,” he replied rather flatly as he flipped her back around and pulled her up into a sitting position. Placing himself behind her, he started wrapping another coil of rope around her torso, pinning her arms to her body above and below her breasts, framing her breasts—already accentuated by the fact that her arms were pulled back and so close together. “That’s the point.”

Lauren started to wonder where all of this rope was coming from. Looking to her right, she had noticed he had placed several coils of black and white rope on the bed next to her and something else in the corner of her eye that she couldn’t quite make out. “I know that’s the point, but… look. I’m sorry. Please just let me out of this and I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll pay you. You can take something of mine. Okay? Would that be fair?”

He chuckled to himself as another rattling sound came from behind her, one that was not caused by the handcuffs. “No, that wouldn’t be fair. You’re going to need to pay for what you’ve done. Sorry. That’s just the way the law works,” he explained as a long black strip appeared in front of Lauren’s face, with a large black ball attached to the strip. A panel gag with a ball on it. “Now, open your mouth.”

Lauren’s eyes shot open. “Wa…mmpf!” That half-syllable was all the man needed to force the ball into Lauren’s mouth, as the sounds of a buckle being tightened came from behind her head. What the hell is this? Lauren thought to herself as she started desperately struggling with all of her might against the handcuffs and ropes that held her. Oh hell, this guy is one of those weirdo freaks! She started to wonder if she was somehow going to pay for this in an… alternate way.

“Shhhh. If you keep moving like that, I’m going to have to hurt you,” he explained as he rose from the bed and pulled out a rolling storage cart from beneath it.

Lauren, knowing full well she couldn’t just hop away at this point, instead decided to turn her head to look over her shoulder to see what the man was doing. She instantly regretted it. A long black bag, just about as long as her body, shimmered in the moonlight as the man placed it on the bed behind her. Two zippers on the bag, one ran longways from the top to the bottom while another small zipper, about an inch in length, ran the other direction somewhere near the top of the bag. Upon seeing it, Lauren decided to screw all logic and made her way hopping towards the bedroom door, screaming at the top of her lungs, “Helmpfh meh!”

“No, no, no,” the man said rather unsurprised by Lauren’s sudden tactic. Lauren wouldn’t make it to the door before she was scooped up by the man and thrown over his shoulder. His strength was something quite impressive, given the fact that she was flopping around like a fish over him until he could lay her down on the bag itself.

Tears started forming in the corners of Lauren’s eyes as she realized this man was some kind of sicko. He began to zip her up inside of the bag, up to her neck, as Lauren flopped around inside, looking up at him with pleading eyes and shaking her head. “Plempfh leh meh guh… plempfh!”

“You told me that I could take something of yours, didn’t you?” He smiled as his eyes scanned her body up and down. “I’ve decided to keep you instead,” he explained as he grabbed the zipper and started slowly zipping up the rest of the bag.

As the zipper passed closer to Lauren, all she could smell was rubber. This was some kind of rubber bag he was zipping her into. What was he going to do with her inside of a bag? Too many questions filled her mind as she continued pleading with him, “Nuh, nuh! Plempfh leh meh ow uh thih! Aye duh wah tuh guh ih her!” Her panicked screams raised in volume and pitch as she was finally encased in the bag. “LEH MEH OW!”

Finally, the purpose of that inch-long zipper became clear. It ran across just to the side of her nose, and the man had unzipped it, allowing a little bit of light to enter, but more importantly, air, since she would otherwise have none.

The limits of this man’s desires just beginning, he commanded her, “Struggle and scream or else I’ll zip that shut again.”

And so Lauren’s new adventure began.
To Catch a Thief
Wow. It's been a while. This is another one of those little one-off stories. I've been writing a lot, but haven't posted much of anything. Hopefully that changes soon! Anyways, let me know what you think and whether this is worth a sequel or good just the way it is. Sometimes I like those little cliffhanger endings.
I'm on a hunt for artists to commission for several stories I have in the works. Already found some, but want to know if any of my watchers out there are currently taking commissions and wouldn't mind helping me out? I'll take this status down once I got everyone. Thanks!
My OC: Arae
She's made appearances across dA in a few places, but I finally got around to commissioning a good reference of my OC Arae, done by the ridiculously talented :iconbluefeather86: (thanks again!) -- more information about her and plans for her upcoming, but wanted to share this with you as I'm SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED about her. And, you know, if anyone might want to "snatch her up" ... feel more than welcome. She's used to it.
Some stuff to post, but in the meantime provide me with some social interaction. Questions! Comments! RP requests! Random drive-by shootings with nerf guns! Bring it! In the meantime, I'll be posting a Fire Emblem story tomorrow night and an Overwatch story likely just thereafter.
As if my favorites haven't shown some of my Overwatch lust lately, y'all pick Mercy. Look for a story tonight or tomorrow. Writing away! :D
Some stuff to post, but in the meantime provide me with some social interaction. Questions! Comments! RP requests! Random drive-by shootings with nerf guns! Bring it! In the meantime, I'll be posting a Fire Emblem story tomorrow night and an Overwatch story likely just thereafter.


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